LED Poultry Lighting

Crownmate Technology Co. Ltd offer Poultry LED dimmable and waterproof bulbs, dimming module and LPR to use in the Caging Layers, Broiler and the Breeder houses. 
Taking Broilers as an example, the whole breeding process is about 35 days. A lots of light is require at the beginning of the breeding process, so the bulb will be turn on fully by the dimming module. As the Broiler grew up, the require lights will gradually decrease, the bulb will be dim down by the dimming module. After 35 days Broiler been removed from the house, the interior shall be clean immediately. At this time the bulb shall be full on so that the cleaning staff able to see clearly when cleaning.
Broilers can also use blue and green LED dimmable and waterproof bulbs. The purpose to use blue LED dimmable and waterproof bulbs is to let Broilers rest. The purpose to use green LED dimmable and waterproof bulbs is to allow Broilers to exercise and grow muscle. 
Crownmate Technology obtains experience in foreign Sales and planning in the Poultry industry. We mainly sell to Japan, Czech Republic ;Poland ; France ; Denmark ; Germany ; Philippines ; Vietnam and United States. 
Crownmate Technology LED Poultry dimmable and waterproof bulbs also obtain various patent certifications. For example the water and dust proof level reaches IP69K. 
IP69K is the protection measure for high temperature and high pressure water define by DIN 40050 Part 9, which discharge water at 80º C from the nozzle of the specify shape  to the sample at the water pressure of 80 - 100 Bar , an the water volume is 14-16 liters/min. The sample and the distance between nozzle is 10 -15 cm, the water outlet direction is 0 ; 30 ; 60 ; 90 degrees in the horizontal direction, the sample is placed horizontally in each direction for 30 seconds, performed while the sample surface is rotated. In another words, IP69K dust and waterproof in addition to being completely sealed to prevent dust from entering the interior of the unit, the rating can withstand continuous water shocks at 80ºC water temperature and 100 bar water pressure for 2 minutes (0 ; 30 ; 60 ; 90 degrees  for 30 seconds at each water outlet angle).